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About the Partner Program is a reputable and well-known brand. As one of the top accommodations companies, can instantly provide quality hotels with customer ratings, rankings, amenities, and updated discounted prices in real time. Customers can even search hotels by popularity, luxury level, or the most cost efficient. With a mobile friendly website, customers can access last minute deals quickly and hassle free. The only aspects more gratifying than booking through is the undeniable abundance of savings they will receive and 24 hour customer service.

Program Features

  • Commissions – Earn commissions that are competitive and on-time payments

  • Assets – will provide banners and other creative assets that are easily accessible in your account

  • Account Management – Dedicated & experienced account manager that is available to ensure your campaign(s) are a success

  • Email Support – Our affiliate support team is here to help you with your campaign needs

How It All Works


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