Affiliate Marketing and Your Mailing List

affiliate marketing email campaigns

Affiliate Email Campaign Best Practices

In 2019 you cannot purchase a product, or service, or read an article without being asked to first provide your email address. If you are an affiliate these long email list can be beneficial for you and your partners, since they are a great source to get your affiliate links in front of customers. Here are some best practices to follow when incorporating affiliate links into your email campaigns.

Content And Segments Are Always King

Content is key, as always, for affiliate marketing thus, your email campaigns must be content driven, interesting, and engaging. For best practices give detailed information about the product or service, and valuable information on why the consumer should use it above all other competitors. Furthermore, to make the most of your email list be sure to segment your audience. The more segmented and targeted you are the more likely you are to get the right product in front of the right customer and make a sale.

Don’t Spam your List

Whatever you do don’t over-promote or over email your subscribers. It is easy to press the unsubscribe link at the bottom of emails as a result, In order to keep buyers interested and away from that dreaded button don’t spam your email list. Find the happy medium that works best for your users, or give them an option when they unsubscribe to only receive certain types of emails or only one email a week. Additionally, don’t include affiliate links in all your emails. Instead, suggest other articles or pages that might be interesting to the reader and contain your unique links. Providing this suggestion will bring more traffic to your page and allow your subscribers to trust you more.

Automation is Your Friend

The benefit of being an affiliate is that generally once you have a program that works you can set it and forget it, this is no different for your email campaigns. Set a good schedule that includes two or three emails with affiliate links sandwiched between a few content engaging emails, then allow this to run for all your new subscribers. All that you need to worry about from here is maintenance and optimization. This is where A/B testing can aid your efforts. You can use A/B testing tools to try different subject lines or even different content and images to see which ones work best for your subscribers.