3 SEO tips for Affiliate Marketing

SEO tips for Affiliate Marketing

SEO and marketing are two peas in a pod. As a result, in order to optimize your affiliate marketing efforts you must also optimize your SEO. Here are three SEO tips for affiliate marketing and how to improve your site, post, or landing page.

Quality Content

Content is the first domino in the string of creating a profitable affiliate marketing campaign. Creating engaging, new, and keyword driven content will lead way to your site ranking high on SERPs. Content that is new and engaging will draw users and those users will then share your site providing the strong back links needed to pull high rank in SERPs. Links are important when it comes to high SERP rankings, off site search rankings are driven by links. Google views links on your site from other pages as well as, your link on other peoples’ sites as an endorsement.

Optimize for Mobile

With Google focusing more on mobile ranking factors and users moving rapidly to mobile devices. It is crucial to make sure your site and content are optimized for mobile use. Speed is a major focus for Google and for consumers, so if your page loads slowly you may just lose your ranking and your sale opportunity.

Long Tailed Keywords

By adding keyword driven content including long tail keywords to your landing page, posts, and affiliate website you can help bump up your organic search results. Short tail keywords can be cluttered with high competition. Additionally, with the new implementation of voice search those long tail keywords will set you up for success in the coming years.