Segment Options for Travel Affiliates

It is important to segment consumers in your affiliate marketing efforts. By dividing your audience, you can provide the specific product or service the customer is looking for. As a result, this makes them more likely to buy then bounce from your site. The travel industry can be highly segmented which allows you a nice niche to narrow down the competition and obtain the ever so important sale.

Different Travel Segments Market Segment.jpg

Age groups: For this option it depends on your customer. You can either target the old, middle aged or the millennial’s. Depending on your audience you can tailor your content to target each age group and monitor which is performing the best.

Budget: Money is on everyone’s mind and whether they have a lot or a little travel planning will be effected. This segment ranges from luxury hotels with spas,or budget friendly motels, and even mid-range hotels with free wifi.

Geographic: This ranges as wide as country, state, and city, or as narrow as landmarks, and attractions. The ability to be as targeted or as broad as you would like is a good starting ground

Interest: People travel for many reasons and during all seasons, thus dividing your market by interest is the easiest way to cut out your competition and slim down audience size. You can focus on the  business traveler, the holiday traveler, those lovely snowbirds, even the golfers.

Events: To further target your audience you can focus on the different event consumers travel for. This includes, weddings, bachelor and bachelorette parties, conventions, competitions, concerts, and sporting games.