Affiliate Marketing Trends in 2019

2019 Affiliate Marketing Trends

The marketing world is always changing and evolving. So if you do not want to get left behind and forgotten make sure to keep on top of the new features and trends that will keep you in the forefront. Some of the top trends for Affiliate marketing in 2019 are review sites, social media, visual content, and voice search.

Review Sites are the real MVP

When customers reach the review stage of the buying process they are in the final steps, just a few clicks away from entering in their payment information. This is right where you want customers to be. Thus capitalizing on the review stage is still the top performer for affiliates, so continue to push hard on the [Product name} “review” keywords. As well as providing customers valuable testimonials when pushing the product.  

Utilize social media for ads, re-marketing tools, & influencers

Social media is continuing to shake up the affiliate industry. Facebook is a key tool that should be taken advantage of by affiliates in 2019. With its strong targeting capabilities and re-marketing tools the Facebook platform can be a vital tool in turning efforts into benefits. Affiliates are even taking advantage of the new message app advertising feature. However, Facebook has previously banned advertisers so always monitor your campaigns.

Furthermore, influencer marketing is trending in the affiliate world. The term “influencer marketing” has been searched 325% more often on Google then one year ago. With 50% of consumers stating they trust influencers social media is shaping a new vertical for affiliates (Tradedoubler).

Focus on images and video content

It is no secret consumers appreciate a good image. So, moving into the 2019-year visuals and videos are continuing an upward trend. The time of text heavy marketing is moving over and making way for display content that is engaging and eye catching for the buyer. A properly placed image or even a review video teamed with creativity can get you far in the next year.

Optimizing for voice search

Voice search is the newest innovation that is altering affiliate networks. With Alexa, Google home, and Siri edging their way into peoples’ daily lives voice search is becoming more and more popular. Adding long tailed keywords and keywords that mimic natural speech will give you the upper hand in 2019. According to ComScore 50% of searches will be done through voice by 2020.