Affiliate Marketing and Social Media

Affiliate Marketing On Social Media

When it comes to affiliate marketing social media is a great tool for business owners and social media influencers alike. Additionally, Social media platforms are becoming increasingly shopper friendly breathing new life into the affiliate world and making affiliate partnering more beneficial than ever. As long as the information is targeted, accessible, and of high quality there is money to be made by both partners.

Choose the Right Channel

Matching the right platform with your market is crucial to making the most of your partnerships. Your follower’s demographic will differ from platform to platform. As such their likes and interest will differ. Be sure to post the most relevant link on that platform to gain the most return.


The cat is out of the bag on affiliate marketing and social media users can spot an affiliate link from a mile away. Plus, these long tailed links filled with large quantities of random numbers and letters are not pretty. Use a link shortening tool such as TinyURL to make these links less suspicious to followers. Make sure to do your research on link shortening tools as some do not support affiliate links. Furthermore, always be honest when it comes to inserting these links, telling your followers that you gain a commission when they purchase keeps the trust channel flowing.

Quality Content First

Your followers follow you for a reason! Make sure that your content is interesting and creative to gain the most engagements and impressions possible. This will help drive your followers to use your unique link. Additionally, always remember that it helps to be helpful! When introducing new services to users educate them as much as possible. This will help establish trust with your followers and allow them to gain trust in the brand . As previously stated make sure to be honest when promoting.