Long-Tail Keywords for Affiliate Links

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Incorporating search engine optimization (SEO) best practices into your affiliate content is a must in today’s SEO world. Search engine rankings can be one of the many drivers of success for an affiliate campaign or program. Utilizing long-tail keywords is an often-overlooked technique that can help.

Long tail keywords are usually two to five plus words in length and allow you to tailor your content to a more specific audience. With long tail keywords you can cut down the cluttered search results and stand a better chance of ranking in a more visible position. Not only does it improve your visibility opportunities, but it also allows you to target a more specific audience.

Here are two quick tips to utilizing long tail keywords:

1. Choose low competition keywords

When selecting your keywords, you can run a quick Google search to see how many potential results there are. This will allow you to decide on where to focus your SEO efforts. Selecting a keyword with a few thousand results versus a few million results will provide greater chance of visibility. Searching for keywords in a niche sector is a great way to accomplish this. For example, instead of using the keywords “budget travel” you may want to focus in on something like “family budget travel ideas 2018”. With long tail keywords there are fewer searches, but the trade off in return are greater chances for search appearance and a more targeted audience. Which segues into my next tip…

2. Know your target audience

Step into the mind of your audience when creating new content ideas. Focusing in on specific topics will help in the long trail keyword selection process. The payoff for honing in on a more specific target audience is greater chance of conversion. The goal of any affiliate is to develop converting content. The traffic potential around specific and niche content will always yield a larger return as compared to a more broad and general content piece. Utilizing a keyword planning tool such as Googles’ Keyword Planner, or any other keyword tool, will help you find those high value long tail keywords.

3 Quick Tips For Travel Affiliates

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1. Unique Content: Creating unique content is what will separate you from the millions of other travel affiliates competing for the same traffic. Content that is shareable and relatable is what will help drive traffic to your website. Articles that are full of interesting tips and first hand insights can be a great way to generate traffic. Readers want to relate to the author and imagine themselves in the same travel destinations. Focusing in on a destination where you feel most authoritative can help readers find those insider tips they are looking for. Another important aspect travel affiliates should always keep in mind is optimizing content for SEO. Gaining relevant and quality backlinks to your content is crucial to boosting SEO performance.

2. Linking: When it comes to placing your affiliate links in your article it should be done as naturally as possible. Avoid trying to force any links in the middle of an article that can look obtrusive or unnatural. Ultimately, the goal is to subtly recommend your affiliate product in the least obtrusive and in-your-face way. Readers don’t want to feel like they are being sold or reading a product description disguised as an article. Using long-tail keywords within the body of the content is still one of the least burdensome ways to insert your affiliate links.

3. Niche Targeting: As mentioned above, focusing in on a specific travel destination or type of travel is a great way to separate your website from the myriad of other general travel websites. For example, you may want to focus in on a certain type of travel experience such as adventure, eco-tourism, or backpacking. Seasonal and holiday travel is another great niche to focus in on. There are numerous way to slice and dice the travel industry, the key is to pick something your readers will have an interest in and engage with.

How to promote your affiliate network


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